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Hi my name is Jonathon. I’m a freelance web developer with well over 7 years of experience. I have a large collection of knowledge in new technologies that enable me to create quality products. I offer anywhere from small scale website, to large web applications and anything graphic related. Contact me today, and let’s get your project started!
(732) 759 5157

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Anyone who feels lost with all the new web design html out there, Jonathon can get you up and running. Outstanding communication with his client, a pure joy to work with and you will like the results he delivers!

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Project To-do

Project To-do; currently no official name, is a free, beautiful and simplistic To-Do app, that is soon available for download on the Google Play Store and the Apple store for Android and Apple devices. There isn’t an official release date as of yet, but stick around for further updates.


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I've also been developing some apps. Check them out!


StuDo is a todo list app, that sends optional notifications reminding you of your tasks.