My Sarah,
I can’t put it into words how thankful I am to have you in my life. Everyday I wake up, the very first thing that’s on my mind is you (that’s when I can sleep). I still can’t believe I have a beautiful, intelligent and loving women like you. You’ve made me so happy in such little time and to me that’s incredible. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted and it still seems surreal that I have you.
I hope that I make you happy as much as you make me. I don’t see us as a temporary thing, but I can see a future with you. In as little time as we have been together, I’ve not laughed as much as this in a long time. I’ve got Joy back into my life and that’s because of you.
I am so in love I am with you and it’s only been a short while. I’ve never felt this way for anyone else before. I just want to be with you every single day, and when I’m not you’re all that I think about. Don’t stop being you. That’s everything I love!
I love you so so so so much!

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